OS X El Capitan is the 12th major release of Apple's Mac operating system, now known as macOS. El Capitan introduced several enhancements and refinements to improve the user experience and performance on Mac computers.

Key Features of OS X El Capitan:

Enhanced User Interface: El Capitan retained the visually appealing design introduced in Yosemite but brought subtle refinements. It introduced a new system font (San Francisco), improved window management, and refined icons and graphics.
Split View: El Capitan introduced Split View, a feature that allows users to work with two apps side by side in full-screen mode. It makes multitasking easier and improves productivity by enabling users to work with multiple apps simultaneously.
Performance Improvements: El Capitan focused on performance and efficiency. It introduced Metal, a graphics technology that enhanced graphics performance, resulting in faster and smoother graphics rendering in apps and games. El Capitan also brought improvements in app launch times, faster app switching, and better overall system responsiveness.

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