Looking for a highly secure exam software that ensures a seamless examination experience for your candidates? Look no further than Test Invite! Our cutting-edge platform combines advanced security features with user-friendly functionality, providing a robust solution for recruiters and trainers.

Unparalleled Security Framework

At Test Invite, we prioritize the security of your exams. Our software utilizes a state-of-the-art security framework to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your assessments. With our platform, you can rest assured that your exams will be protected against any unauthorized access or tampering.

Locked Computer and Browser

One of our key features is the ability to lock the candidate's computer and browser during the exam. This means that candidates are unable to open new tabs, apps, or windows, eliminating any distractions or opportunities for cheating. By creating a controlled environment, you can ensure that candidates focus solely on the exam, maintaining its integrity.

Starting Price

₹ 7200/ Per 250 Credits

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    Cloud Based
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    Web App, Windows, Mac
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    Android, iOS
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    French, English, Hindi, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
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