MediXcel specializes in delivering advanced and efficient clinical and administrative solutions to single and multi-specialty clinics, clinic chains, diagnostic groups, and hospitals of all sizes. Our comprehensive suite of services includes an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Inventory and Pharmacy management, Lab and Radiology reporting, Billing and Insurance management, as well as an integrated CRM and Patient Portal for enhanced patient engagement. To ensure seamless accessibility, we offer companion Android and iOS apps for both doctors and patients, along with built-in teleconsultation integrations.

One notable achievement of the MediXcel platform is its largest deployment in a nearly paperless 2300-bed hospital. This success showcases our commitment to streamlining healthcare operations and reducing reliance on manual paperwork. Additionally, a multi-location diagnostic chain in Mumbai has adopted MediXcel EMR, attesting to its effectiveness and usability. Furthermore, MediXcel is empowering genomics labs across the globe, demonstrating its scalability and versatility.

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