Giitic is a cloud-based fixed asset management software that helps businesses to track and manage their fixed assets. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including:

Asset tracking: Giitic allows you to track the location, condition, and usage of your fixed assets. This can help you to ensure that your assets are being used efficiently and that they are properly maintained.
Asset depreciation: Giitic helps you to calculate the depreciation of your fixed assets. This can help you to accurately track the value of your assets over time and to make informed financial decisions.
Asset reports: Giitic generates a variety of reports that can help you to track your asset inventory, depreciation, and usage. These reports can be helpful for making informed decisions about your assets.
Mobile app: Giitic offers a mobile app that allows you to track your assets from anywhere. This can be helpful for field technicians who need to access asset information while they are on the go.

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