eZee Absolute is a remarkably versatile and feature-rich cloud-based Property Management System (PMS). Designed to leverage the power of cloud technology and enhance hotel operations, it offers a comprehensive range of value-added features. With eZee Absolute, simplifying hotel management becomes effortless, while maximizing revenue opportunities.

Experience Seamless Hotel Operations with eZee Absolute

Our user-friendly PMS empowers hoteliers to streamline operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences. From front desk management to reservations, housekeeping, and more, eZee Absolute provides a centralized platform for efficient hotel management. With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly navigate through tasks and ensure smooth operations.


Reservation Center
Front Office Operations
Flexible Group Management
Profile Management
User Privilege & Security Control
Charges, Deposits & Invoicing
E-mail Marketing & Scheduling
Trouble Free Audit Trials and more

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    eZee Absolute - Online Hotel PMS
  • Website
  • Deployment
    Cloud Based
  • Payment
    Monthly, Yearly
  • Desktop Platforms
    Web App, Windows, Mac
  • Mobile Platforms
    Android, iOS
  • Language Support
    Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech
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